Responsible Recycling (R2) Certification

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We can certify your company to the Responsible Recycling (R2) certification, which was developed by R2 Solutions. The R2 practices include general principles and specific practices for recyclers disassembling or reclaiming used electronics equipment including those exported for refurbishment and recycling.

R2 certification addresses:

  • An in-place environmental, health and safety management system (EHSMS)
  • Worker health and safety and environmental protection
  • Material management and recovery planning
  • Traceability and accountability (downstream due diligence throughout the recycling stream, including international vendors)
  • Data security
  • Insurance requirements
  • Legal compliance

You can also become a Certified Electronics Recycler®, by certifying to both R2 and the Recycling Industry Operating Standard® (RIOS) at the same time. We can handle all your certification needs.

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Benefits of Certification

Federal agencies are now banned from disposing of electronic waste materials in landfills or incinerators and must use third-party certified e-scrap recyclers. At least 25 U.S. states also have some form of e-scrap recycling legislation.

Corporations are likewise requiring certified organizations to handle their e-scrap. Certification can position your organization for federal contracts, to meet state regulations and participate in corporate recycling opportunities. Certification distinguishes your company as an industry leader and can position you as a preferred supplier.

Individuals, businesses and government agencies can be confident that their electronic waste will be disposed of in a responsible way ensuring ongoing commitment to our earth.

Why Work With NSF?

With the purchase of AQA International in 2011, NSF-ISR added the AQA portfolio of e-scrap certifications to its services roster. As one of the first certification bodies accredited to these standards, the experts at NSF-ISR can help your organization maneuver through the certification audit process.

Get the power of certification to help drive operational efficiencies and help your organization position itself as an industry leader with R2 certification. Reap the benefits of R2 certification.

Certification Process

The process of becoming certified to R2 by NSF-ISR involves these steps:

  1. Application
    Your company fills out an application and we issue a quotation and terms and conditions.
  2. Scheduling
    We assign an audit team and create a schedule.
  3. Stage 1 Readiness Review
    We review the manual, documentation, objectives and targets to determine conformance with the standard and readiness to move forward with the process audit.
  4. Stage 2 Process Audit
    Once your documentation meets the requirements stated within the standard, we conduct an onsite review verifying your processes match your written system.
  5. Nonconformance Closure (if applicable)
    If you have any nonconformances from the stage 2 audit, you have 90 days to respond and show evidence of correction.
  6. Certification Committee
    After our auditor closes any nonconformances, the certification committee provides a final review of the entire audit package.  Once approved, you receive a certificate for a three-year period.
  7. Surveillance Audits
    These audits review a sample of your system (not a full system review) and are required one year from the stage 2 dates and once every year thereafter.
  8. Recertification Audits
    Three months prior to the expiration of your certification, a recertification audit is required to determine continued conformance to the standard. Once completed, the certification decision process starts again.

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