NSF Performance Plus Sustainability Reporting Tool

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The NSF Performance Plus turnkey sustainability reporting tool delivers an affordable, accurate and time effective alternative to spreadsheets and other manual reporting methods. NSF Performance Plus helps you align your reporting to supplier expectations; to compliance, management system or product certification requirements; or to other data reporting needs. You get:

  • Fast and accurate data collection
  • Easy to comprehend graphs and visualization tools
  • Scalability to organizational needs

NSF Performance Plus is powered by best-in-class PE International SoFi® software, voted top product for 2014 by Environmental Leader. Web-based preformatted questionnaires make data collection to meet NSF standards reporting requirements easy for new users. Graphs and reports can be configured to meet your internal reporting preferences. NSF Performance Plus can help speed the reporting process and enable faster audit paperwork processing for sustainability standards, compliance or environmental management system reporting.

The NSF Performance Plus data management tool is affordable for almost any size operation. Find out about NSF Performance Plus by calling +1 734.827.5668 or e-mailing sustainability@nsf.org. You can also download an informative webinar on NSF Performance Plus or watch a video of the tool in use.

Benefits of Performance Plus

NSF Performance Plus has automated data input capabilities and efficient analysis tools which can speed your access to essential information.

Input your data with a combination of automated file uploads, predefined questionnaires to collect information, questionnaires formatted for general reporting or for NSF sustainability assessment standards reporting, and efficient capture of attachments and comments.

Analyze your data by means of automated unit conversion and currency exchange rate updates, multiple calculation methodologies, automated baseline adjustment and intelligent data gap filling.

Visualize your data using a dashboard format with a wide variety of chart types and interactive analytics and drilldowns.

Report your data how you need it with user-defined reports, centralized dashboard management and team collaboration, a full audit trail and easy report creation and sharing.

All these features, powered by PE International SoFi® software, at an affordable price — that’s a win/win solution. NSF Performance Plus is the answer to your sustainability reporting needs.

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