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The agriculture and food industries face dynamic, complex and interconnected risks that potentially threaten the supply of raw materials and the reputation of brands. How a business navigates these challenges determine whether it succeeds or fails. NSF’s responsible sourcing services assist clients in addressing food security and brand reputation risks by building sustainable, resilient and secure supply chains as well as by demonstrating environmental and socially responsible sourcing practices.

Our responsible sourcing consulting services enable clients to recognize, prioritize, mitigate and track these risks. Our process considers the raw materials sourced, complexity of supply chains, responsible sourcing priorities, progress made toward public commitments or CSR strategy, level of internal understanding and commitment to sustainable sourcing, key stakeholder relationships and how others have approached similar sourcing challenges.

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Use of NSF consulting services does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.

Benefits of Consulting

Substantial financial, operational and reputational benefits can be reaped from adopting a responsible sourcing strategy. A well-constructed responsible sourcing strategy can provide business operators with critical differentiation in today’s extremely competitive business environment, and even deliver first mover advantage that contributes not only to the reputation of the business but to operational profitability and share value. Investors as well as consumers are increasingly looking for evidence of responsible and sustainable sourcing practices. The better you understand and address the risks inherent in your supply chain, the better you will be able to protect your brand and gain competitive advantage in your sector, compared to those who are sourcing from the same supply chains but without the level of understanding or management practices in place.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF International is dedicated to helping organizations and industries develop more sustainable products and supply chains.

NSF’s responsible sourcing consulting team has extensive background and experience with different business models, commodities and risk areas. Our team has consulted with companies across the Fortune 1000 to assist in developing successful business strategies. This depth of experience has prepared NSF to build your brand value and customer loyalty, differentiate your brand, foster supply chain transparency, create consensus on sustainability and responsible sourcing goals, mitigate environmental and social supply chain risks, and identify operational efficiencies and cost savings, supported by our own supplier assessments and risk analysis tools.

Our responsible sourcing work is complemented by our wider range of sustainability and supply chain services, enabling our clients to approach their sustainability and supply chain concerns in holistic manner.

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