Onsite Wastewater Inspector Accreditation

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NSF International offers the premier onsite wastewater inspector accreditation. It demonstrates an inspector's knowledge and skills for conducting onsite inspections and is respected by realtors, banking institutions, health departments and homeowners. NSF-accredited inspectors instill confidence in the user community and bring credibility to the inspection industry.

Benefits of Accreditation

There are many advantages to becoming accredited:

  • National competency recognition
  • Certificate of accreditation
  • Hard-copy directory and website listing of accredited inspectors - easy access for potential clients to locate and contact accredited inspectors
  • Accreditation valid for five years
  • Use of the NSF mark on your business materials (reports, letterheads, business cards, etc.)

Why Work With NSF?

With the continued growth in the value and need for onsite wastewater treatment and the recognized environmental benefit of properly functioning systems, the inspection industry is positioned for a strong future. NSF accreditation sets apart those professionals who can deliver a comprehensive, quality inspection to meet the growing market needs. NSF is one of the most trusted, respected and recognized names in the wastewater treatment industry. Go with the best. Get NSF accreditation.

Accreditation Process

To apply to the onsite wastewater inspector accreditation program, you must show proof of a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as evidence of one year of active field experience conducting onsite inspections or completion of a training course.

The process to become an NSF-accredited inspector involves these steps:

  1. Apply to the program
  2. Pass a written examination
  3. Pass a practical examination (on-site evaluation to prove competency)
  4. Sign an ethics statement
  5. Enter into a contractual relationship (you agree to abide by program policies and NSF authorizes your use of the accreditation mark) and become accredited
  6. Stay accredited (requalify within five years of accreditation by again completing the written and practical examinations or by earning sufficient requalification units (RUs) through continuing education)

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