Hotel Certification: NSF StaySafer Program

StaySafer is a comprehensive certification program exclusively designed by NSF International for the global hospitality sector to help reduce illness caused by contaminated food, water or ice. Certification protects the health and safety of hotel guests as well as the reputation of the hotel brand. Studies have shown that 10 percent of travelers to foreign destinations become ill after consuming contaminated food or water, and most will not return to the hotel where they became sick.

The StaySafer program helps increase guest confidence by implementing two key features:

  • The NSF DrinkSafer protocol, based on NSF Standard 432, helps ensure water and ice potability through review and inspection of the design and maintenance of hotel water systems, along with testing and evaluation for microbiological and chemical contamination of drinking water and ice.
  • The NSF DineSafer program, based on the U.S. FDA Food Code, reduces the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks through training, inspection and monitoring of food safety and quality on-site.

StaySafer certification also creates a competitive advantage as a quality differentiator for consumers, tour operators, agencies and travel sites.

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