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NSF International’s innovative Clean Screen can simultaneously detect 11 common fillers and allergens: wheat, soy, pea, rice, peanut, almond, walnut, pecan, hazelnut, cornstarch and potato (maltodextrin). This testing method can be combined with any other testing that you submit.

A Clean Screen request can easily be added to your sample submission on our client portal. Our dedicated laboratory staff can perform this testing on supplements, ingredients, spices and more, for both raw and processed sample types.

Benefits of Testing

It’s hard to quantify how allergens may affect your end users, especially those with sensitivities.  Our Clean Screen can detect even minute amounts of allergen DNA and can confirm the results of traditional ELISA methodology. Additionally, our all-in-one testing is clear and concise, rather than requiring many different tests.  Protect your consumer and your business by using NSF International’s allergen screening services.

Why Work With NSF?

With one test we can screen for 11 common allergens and fillers. The screen includes wheat, peanuts, cornstarch and more. With very low levels of detection, we can provide insight on the allergen DNA that may be hiding in your sample.

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