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Our scientists have developed cutting-edge genetic methods capable of identifying a single organism or a complex blend of multiple species. We can detect small traces of other species to keep your consumers safer and your manufacturers happy with the purity of your food ingredients. Utilizing next-generation sequencing (NGS), our analysis can identify the desired species and additional contaminants that may be present in your sample.

Some commonly tested ingredients include:

  • Coffee beans
  • Tea leaves
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic

See a list of the species and materials that we are able to test.

Benefits of Testing

Our analysis can be adjusted to your needs. Whether you’re testing an unknown raw material or you’re qualifying each ingredient in your product, NSF International uses the testing methodologies that fit your purpose. We will work with you to determine the best testing approach to achieve your quality goals.

Why Work With NSF?

Our expansive database provides assurance that your sample is being screened against the greatest breadth of contaminants in the industry.  Our trained technicians ensure that your sample is tested as it was submitted – so that you can have confidence in the results.  That is what our ISO 17025 accreditation demands – and it is what you should demand.

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