Meat & Seafood Analysis

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To mitigate the risk of mislabeled animal products, identifying the species in your sample is of utmost importance. Using proprietary DNA extraction methods and next-generation sequencing, we provide a unique identification service. Our methods allow species-specific detection of a variety of different meat species, including pork, beef, lamb, goat, horse, chicken, turkey and fish.

Benefits of Testing

Rather than using more traditional PCR methods which provide a simple yes/no answer, we are able to identify multiple species in your animal product, such as fish. Even if the sample has an unknown meat contaminant or is completely unknown, we are able to identify the composition of your meats and seafood.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF International provides the highest quality testing with its proprietary database that contains validated reference sequences. We are able to identify the type of meat that is in a sample to the species level using next-generation sequencing rather than PCR methodologies. Our proprietary DNA extraction methods are sensitive enough to detect many highly processed materials that may not be detected with other services.

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