Applied Genomics

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  • DNA Authentication
  • Product Safety and Quality Testing

NSF’s Applied Research Center team provides next-generation sequencing services for microbiological analyses, including whole genome sequencing and assembly as well as 16s metagenomics and shotgun metagenomics. Using a variety of bioinformatics tools for data analysis, we are able to help you with product testing, ingredient authentication and quality testing in various arenas including food safety, health care and academia. As an AOAC Research Institute partner lab we are able to conduct performance test methods (PTM), official methods of analysis (OMA) and single lab validations (SLV) in food safety. We can validate your test kits and provide independent third-party data you can use for your product development needs.

DNA Authentication

We perform testing and certification services for the dietary supplement, natural product and food industries, including:

  • Verifying botanical supplement ingredients
  • Mitigating food safety and food fraud risks
  • Reducing natural personal care product risks
  • Verifying food label claims
  • Verifying seafood authenticity and speciation
  • Detecting allergens and fillers

Product Safety and Quality Testing

We are working on a greater understanding of preventive controls in the food processing industry using whole genome sequencing and phenotypic characterization. This work is a partnership with the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. We are also an FDA GenomeTrakr sublab, employing only the highest quality data generation and analyses techniques.

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