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NSF International's Applied Research Center (ARC) provides custom R&D services across all major industries. Services include expert testing, method development, product validation / commercialization and risk assessment. The ARC furthers NSF’s mission of public health and safety by supporting scientific innovation and leadership. We form strategic partnerships with academia (researchers and tech transfer centers), industry (start-ups through Fortune 500 companies) and regulatory bodies for research and development to promote innovative public health solutions in the food, water, healthcare, sustainable products and consumer goods sectors.

We also leverage in-depth expertise in chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, laboratory quality/management, methods training and human health risk assessment to perform confidential research and development analyses and validation of manufacturer and environmental claims. Our in-house technical staff includes toxicologists, microbiologists, engineers, inspectors, technical managers and other key specialists. Our services improve product marketability and include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Public health research and validation
  • Sanitation, hygiene and contaminant control

Mission Statement

The mission of NSF's Applied Research Center is to advance public health through innovation, collaboration, validation and publication.

Competitive Advantage

We embraces the need for quick delivery of results while maintaining the highest levels of quality and helps improve product marketability. We offer:

  • Independent services: Third-party, non-profit, non-biased; no intellectual property conflicts
  • Highest quality systems and data integrity: - ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratory
  • Research with a production mindset: Faster turnaround time for data
  • Scientific expertise, innovative minds and project leadership

Industries Served

NSF’s Applied Research Center establishes strategic partnerships with academia, industry and regulatory bodies for research and development projects geared to furthering public health in water safety, food safety, healthcare, environment, sustainability and consumer goods.

We provide scientific leadership and demonstrates technical innovation with its three strategic partners:


  • Startups seeking a resource with technical know-how for product development and market trends, as well as providing laboratory expertise and testing resources
  • Business Incubators
  • Established companies requiring third-party validation or niche technical expertise


  • Researchers seeking a co-investigator for grant research
  • Researchers wanting to select a subcontract lab for research projects
  • Tech Transfer Groups

Regulatory Bodies

  • Wanting policy development or participation in technical advisory committees
  • Seeking methods development, product validation and regulatory compliance

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