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NSF-ISR offers customized internal audit and second-party assessment services to help you improve the effectiveness, efficiency and overall performance of your internal management systems, administrative, operational improvement, supply chain and other business processes. Our expertise spans a wide range of standards including quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001), energy management (ISO 50001) and many other management systems.

Our auditors have global expertise and experience in a wide range of industries to help you identify and address your specific  concerns, provide a comprehensive verification assessment to help identify areas of potential risk and generate inputs for process improvements that can provide a competitive business advantage.

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Custom audits and second-party audit services can help you leverage best practices to reduce organizational risk, improve business performance, successfully address customer expectations and meet or exceed corporate and organizational objectives.

A customized audit can help you focus attention on areas of potentially higher risk such as critical supply chain partners or key internal processes causing bottlenecks in production or service delivery. Bottleneck areas can include purchasing, internal audits, follow-up of nonconformities, correction actions or other operational and management system processes.

Our customized service begins with understanding your areas of concern. We collaborate with your organization to develop a program that meets your specific requirements and then conduct independent, objective, standards-based assessments to confirm adherence to these requirements. This approach can also help you identify potential process and system improvements. You and your management can then direct attention and resources to the areas that will most benefit the organization.

Our independent and collaborative approach can help your organization monitor critical business processes and provide management with assurance of continuing conformity to your specified requirements. Our approach can also provide an early indication of potential risk factors. Early detection and elimination of risk factors in product or service quality or environmental, health and safety or social responsibility performance can prevent damage to an organization's reputation and avoid loss of market share.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF auditors are experts in multiple fields and receive training on the latest industry developments. Choosing NSF also provides:

  • Collaborative, Value-Adding Approach: NSF-ISR's customized audit services bring a systematic, independent and objective approach to assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization's internal and external risk management systems and processes. We collaborate with you to create customized services that meet your specific requirements. Custom audits can be an effective tool for management and other internal and external stakeholders to monitor performance and provide assurance that your organizational risks are being managed appropriately. The results can also help management focus on and direct resources to areas requiring greater attention.
  • Cost Reductions: Our business-focused solutions help you to identify and control potential problems at the source before they impact your customers. Our global network of technical experts is ready to assist you, reducing employee time away from normal work and saving on travel costs to distant locations.
  • Improved Confidence: Our customized assessments are done by qualified and experienced auditors with the required industry sector expertise and knowledge of the applicable standards. Using a structured audit methodology provides added assurance and helps your organization manage risk and protect and enhance your brand reputation.

Audit Process

The NSF-ISR custom audit process involves these steps:

  1. Application, Proposal and Contract
    Your company submits an application, NSF-ISR makes a proposal and you sign a contract.
  2. Audit Team Assignment
    NSF-ISR assigns an audit team.
  3. Documentation Review
    If required, we perform a documentation review for the management system or the relevant processes and issue a report of conformance or nonconformance.
  4. On-Site or Off-Site Readiness Review (ORR-Stage 1 Audit)
    If required we verify the readiness of your organization's systems/processes to undergo the full audit.
  5. Customized Audit (Stage 2)
    Our audit team conducts an on-site assessment to verify conformity to the defined requirements.
  6. Independent Internal Review
    An NSF-ISR certification board reviewer verifies that the assessment covered all the components as defined by your company and that the reporting is properly completed in accordance with requirements.
  7. Periodic Follow-Up Audits
    NSF-ISR performs any periodic assessments your company requires to verify that the systems continue to be adequately maintained.

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