Greenhouse Gas Verification and Validation

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NSF International has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to ISO 14065:2013 as a validation and verification body in waste management (including methane destruction) and livestock manure management. ANSI also fully accredited NSF International to verify these project scopes: forestry, emissions reductions from industrial processes and ozone depleting substances/nitric acid emission reduction.

NSF International is approved by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) to verify projects in forestry, livestock methane management, ozone depleting substance destruction and landfill gas management.

ANSI also approved NSF International to verify greenhouse gas inventories in these sectors: general, manufacturing, power generation, mining and mineral production, chemical production, oil and gas, waste, agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU).

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved NSF International to verify inventories in these sectors: general stationary combustion, transactions, oil and gas systems and process emissions.

NSF International also verifies the carbon footprint of product labels, which is an emerging regulatory requirement, especially in European markets.

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Benefits of Verification

Independent greenhouse gas (GHG) verification with NSF Sustainability:

  • Allows sale of GHG offset credits from projects
  • Provides confidence in the reliability of carbon footprint assertions
  • Enhances public credibility of GHG emission reduction efforts
  • Satisfies regulatory and voluntary GHG reporting program requirements
  • Provides recommendations to strengthen your management of GHG opportunities and risks

Why Work With NSF?

Confidence comes from working with an organization with nearly 70 years of experience in conducting third-party audits and validating and verifying claims. NSF Sustainability can also provide:

  • Efficiency and audit productivity through risk-based audits that focus on the areas presenting the highest potential risk of material misstatement or nonconformity
  • Unmatched technical greenhouse gas (GHG) expertise.
  • Worldwide support from our international audit and service staff

Let NSF Sustainability put our expertise to work by providing you value-added GHG verifications and validations services.

Verification Process

The NSF Sustainability independent greenhouse gas verification process involves these steps:

  1. Your company submits an application and signs a contract.
  2. NSF Sustainability completes a conflict of interest evaluation.
  3. We assign your auditor team.
  4. We perform a document review.
  5. We perform strategic planning and review processes and systems.
  6. We sample data and information from sources and facilities.
  7. We verify closure of any detected nonconformities.
  8. We evaluate audit evidence and draft a greenhouse gas statement.
  9. We perform an independent review of your GHG statement and supporting audit evidence.
  10. We formally issue greenhouse gas statements.

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