Course Overview

Top 10 Ways to Get A Warning Letter Cost: $700 GMP Client/ $1000 Non-GMP Client This is a one day training course. NSF has gathered data from recent FDA inspections, from ex FDA inspectors, and from its own auditors to bring you the latest trends in Dietary Supplement inspections. As in previous years Dietary Ingredient identification is hot again this year! But you’ll be amazed at which ones have dropped off the list and which ones have clawed their way to the top. In this course you’ll learn:1. How to use the Code of Federal Regulations, Pharmacopoeias, and Guidance Documents as source information. 2. Who is the FDA and what power do they have? 3. How the FDA communicates with the company and how you should communicate with the FDA. 4. The top ten items that dietary supplements manufacturers are cited for and MOST IMPORTANTLY--5. The steps you can take to avoid each one of them!

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