Course Overview

This ANSI and International HACCP Alliance accredited NSF Food Safety Certificate Program one-day course is designed to provide attendees with a thorough understanding of the concepts and applications of verification and validation. This course will enable participants to better understand the differences between effectively verifying and validating food safety systems.

Purpose: Define the 6th HACCP Principle, Verification, which also requires knowledge and understanding of the concept of validation. All programs within the Food Safety Management System should be both validated and verified by competent individuals with a firm understanding of these two concepts. This course defines and explains in depth verification, the act of reviewing programs and systems to determine if what has been planned and documented to maintain safe food, is in fact, operating as expected. Validation, determining if the methods identified to produce safe food are scientifically sound and effective, is also explored. Upon verification by course instructor and Training and Education Staff of successful completion of learning assessment(s), including a passing score on the exam, participant will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment in Advanced HACCP: Verification and Validation.

Learning Modules:

  • HACCP System Review
    • Prerequisite Programs
    • HACCP Principles
  • Validation, Monitoring & Verification
    • Definitions, clarification
  • Validation: Methods & Approaches
  • HACCP System Validation
  • HACCP System Verification
  • Regulatory requirements for Verification and Validation

Training Methods: The training comprises video, power point presentations, group exercises and role-playing. The course is structured to promote interaction among class members and allows time for questions and review.

Attendance Requirement: Learners must attend 90% of the course to receive an Award of Attendance and be eligible to receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Learning Assessment: A 40-question multiple-choice exam follows the conclusion of the course. Upon successful completion of the course requirements (attendance and passing score of 75% or greater) participants will receive an ANSI/NSF Certificate of Accomplishment.

Prerequisite: Completion of NSF HACCP Training (or IHA accredited HACCP course) or equivalent experience with the HACCP system. Students should possess knowledge of GMPs and HACCP. Prerequisite Programs for Food Safety Systems is recommended.

Photo Identification: All attendees must have a valid form of photo-identification in order to sit for the examination. Examples of identification include:

  • Valid state driver’s license
  • Current passport
  • Current military identification
  • Valid state identification with photo
  • Valid Immigration and Naturalization Service Employment Authorization Document or Alien Registration Card

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