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U.S. FDA has revised the Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods and the January 1, 2020 date of compliance is fast approaching. The new Nutrition Facts label is designed to reflect advances in nutritional science and help consumers easily locate the specific nutrient information that drives better-informed food choices.

Join us for this online session and learn about the FDA Nutrition Facts label changes from the experts, including:

  • The scientific rationale behind the changes and results of the FDA’s consumer research
  • The type of information required to substantiate particular Nutrition Facts label declarations
  • How to perform the required background calculations
  • The scope of mandatory recordkeeping
  • Metric measures and their expanded usage by the FDA
  • Revised recommended dietary intakes (RDIs) and daily reference values (DRVs), including new values for children 1-3 years of age
  • The FDA’s definition of an added sugar and its new definition of dietary fiber
  • Alignment with the FDA’s evolving nutrition policy
  • How to prepare for complete compliance

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