Cosmetics Source Book Cover

Who is this book for?

This book is designed to help assist and guide companies that manufacture, package, hold and/or distribute cosmetics to achieve and maintain compliance to ISO 22716: Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices and meet U.S. FDA Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices expectations by providing the necessary framework of standard operating procedures (SOPs) required for compliance.

Why do I need it?

According to the FDA, “...if it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen”. SOPs are important because:

  • They are required to be in place by the FDA and necessary for documenting compliance to any standard or regulation
  • They serve to standardize operations (the way it is done today is the way it was done yesterday, and the way it will be done tomorrow)
  • They are the primary tools to be used in training plant employees

Records are required to be maintained by the FDA because they:

  • Provide objective evidence of how activities were performed,
  • Show what kind of results were generated, and if compliance was met.

This is why a company’s documentation (i.e. your SOPs and the record keeping that supports those procedures) are so crucial in demonstrating compliance during an FDA inspection. The SOP Template Manual provides the necessary tools for creating operation-specific documentation based on the requirements of ISO 22716 and U.S. FDA Cosmetic GMP Guidance.

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