Human Error Prevention

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A campervan in water, a good example of human error.

Did you know?

The cost of human error to the pharmaceutical industry is estimated to be in the $ billions. There is no such thing as a single root cause to any deviation incident, and human error should be the starting point of an investigation, but rarely its conclusion. As a result, many regulatory authorities no longer accept human error as a justifiable cause of deviation incidents.

Most errors and mistakes are caused by systems created by leadership. If you want to prevent errors and mistakes, you must fix the system, not blame people. Many companies have managed to dramatically reduce the cost of human error by applying the tools and techniques covered on our course.

A client who attended an NSF customized human error prevention training course was able to reduce repeat errors by 68 percent to less than 5 percent in 18 months, saving $900,000 in direct labor costs, and the repeat error percentage is still falling.

Course Details

This human error training course is designed to dramatically reduce both human error and repeat deviations. It will complement other initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma and root cause analysis, helping you to fix the real causes of errors and mistakes. Delegates from over 350 companies and seven regulatory agencies have attended this course with the same objective - to reduce the cost of errors to our industry and risk to our patients.

Key Learning Objects – B.I.S.H.P.I.E.

  • Best industry practices - How the best companies gain regulatory and commercial advantage from reducing human error
  • Investigate error incidents properly - Enabling multiple factor(s) identification (the “error chain”)
  • Simplification – Simplifying procedures and processes to reduce errors and mistakes
  • Human error psychology – Why do we all make mistakes?
  • Prevention – How to rule out repeat incidents forever
  • Identification – How to spot errors waiting to happen and stop them from happening!
  • Error–proofing – How to turn processes and procedures into fool-proof mechanisms

Our Services Don’t Stop There!

We give all course participants free access to further error prevention resources while providing additional support after the course.

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In Human Error Prevention
  • “A useful course which has helped to highlight the nature of the human error process and some effective strategies to implement prevention.”Jon Tutas / Eisai Manufacturing, UK
  • “Will take back the principles and practices that have been described to apply to our existing packaging processes to hopefully reduce errors made and improve RFT rate.”Alan Laws / Genzyme, UK
  • “The most useful course I’ve ever been on. I wish my colleagues had been here as well.”Flemming Mørch Hansen / Bavarian Nordic
  • "Very good course, I’m highly motivated to go back and look at human error in a new way!”Michael Nordahl / Novo Nordisk
  • "Relevant, well researched, well presented content.”Shirley Mutch / Genzyme, Ireland