Why Train With NSF

  • Overview
  • Developing Your Career

At NSF, our core beliefs are central to our training. We believe in providing education, not just training. Education is what remains when training has been forgotten. The best education is in the workplace, but, if that’s not possible, we bring the workplace into the classroom. Our courses focus on knowing how and knowing why. We help attendees improve their foundation skills in:

  • Learning
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Change management

Developing Your Career

One of the most frequent questions instructors are asked after one of our pharmaceutical training courses is "That was great, but what should I do next?"

To help you get the most value from our classes, we created tools to help you see how a training or development course can fit in with your continuing professional development (CPD) requirements or career path. Our career path icons help you select courses that logically fit together or that former attendees have linked and found useful. We also have posters of career path options at most of our major events, along with trainers to answer questions.

Our trainers are happy to talk to individuals about their personal requirements and make suggestions about the best ways forward. For the QPs, this ongoing support comes through our free gap analysis and tutor support meetings.

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