Ian White

Executive Director

Ian White has over 20 years of experience across the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, working with a comprehensive range of dosage forms. He has held roles in production, QC and QA, with positions up to and including divisional head of QA for a multinational corporation.

Ian joined NSF after serving as an expert GMDP inspector at the MHRA, where, most recently, he was the technical lead responsible for the supply chain of COVID-19 and polio vaccines.

Ian has led inspections on behalf of the MHRA and EMA around the world, working closely with other competent authorities toward the goal of ensuring patient safety

Ian has a wide range of skills across a diverse product portfolio, from herbals to mRNA vaccines. His knowledge, both from having worked in the industry and as an expert inspector, can be applied to ensure audit/inspection readiness or to aid with remediation plans

Areas of Expertise:

  • Biologicals
  • Steriles
  • Non-Steriles
  • Traditional Herbal Regulation
  • Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practice
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Global Auditing

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