Supply Chain Traceability: NSF Verify™

The food safety system is changing rapidly and so is our approach to protecting it. The new era of smarter food means end-to-end traceability and the highest quality and safety assurance.
Cows being transported on trailer

Smart Farm. Smart Processor. Smart Transport.

Combining blockchain, virtual intelligence and data analytics, NSF Verify™ improves the traceability and transparency of livestock and builds a stronger supply chain. The platform uses a three-factor authentication protocol to digitally record the journey of an animal from birth through the supply chain. At birth, each animal is registered with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) ear tag and DNA sample. Geolocation data points -- like movement and transfers across boundaries and borders -- are then gathered throughout the animal's lifetime and stored in a secure blockchain-enabled database.

NSF Verify™ supports the trust economy by establishing a record of trust for livestock from birth through to the consumer.

Unlock the Value of Data

NSF Verify™ eliminates the time traditionally required to manually input and process data and greatly reduces the risk of human error. Supply chain costs are then reduced as farmers use the data to achieve better farming practices and greater visibility into the supply chain and non-compliances. In a matter of minutes, the platform can quickly respond to contaminated products, recall products and tell consumers the story behind the product.

Establish a Record of Trust

Data is entered through identified and trusted devices once and can be presented as a single version of the truth through an immutable history of transactions. Through data models and predictive analytics, NSF Verify™ provides real-time access to data to authorised agencies and users.

Tell the Story Behind the Product

Consumers want to know where their food comes from. By scanning a QR-code off the product’s packaging, a customer can access the animal’s entire record to help in the purchasing decision. NSF Verify™ provides visibility into authenticity, provenance and the producer and supply chain commitment to quality and safety.

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