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Techies Take Note: Smartglasses to Serve Up Perfect Beef Patties Every Time

Innovative smartglasses will help fast food restaurants train teams to deliver quality products—each and every time.

Are you a techie always on the hunt for what’s next? Guess what? It’s here! Quick service restaurants (QSRs) across the globe are using smartglasses to improve operational efficiency, boost the bottom line and put smiles on the faces of both employees and customers.

Coming soon, fast-food eateries will be equipping their employees with smartglasses to improve their training. Their goal: to serve up the exact same delicious meals at thousands of restaurants around the world, no matter when and where you order.

The secret sauce? Consistent food preparation training!

Enter Augmented Reality (AR) technology and food industry training solutions, thanks to NSF EyeSucceed. How did we predict it would work so well for training in the food service industry? Because we tried it ourselves at NSF as the COVID-19 pandemic led us to pivot our in-person training programs to remote learning using Glass Enterprise Edition 2 hands-free smartglasses, paired with the NSF EyeSucceed software.

Food industry training has traditionally relied on practices and procedures that come with high labor costs and are subject to human error. NSF EyeSucceed helps trainers make learning more efficient, engaging and consistent for employees.

Here’s How It Works

Trainees in both the middle and back of house put on these lightweight smartglasses. The device provides remote, peer-to-peer training through the full-view lens display, eliminating the need for a trainer peering over their shoulders. The remote trainer guides the trainee step by step with advice and feedback in real time, right at the workstation. Employees learn intuitively, directly and interactively with the assistance of prompts from expertly prepared training video sequences and guidance.

Too much ketchup? Not enough mayo? These can add up to become costly mistakes. But thanks to this unique training modality that uses this cool technology, restaurant owners can cut costs and ensure that signature items like drinks and burgers are mixed and built to perfection.

The bottom line: Consumers eating at quick service restaurants can be assured their food is being prepared the same way and safely wherever they go, while restaurant owners and managers save on both food costs and training time.

More About NSF EyeSucceed and Google

NSF EyeSucceed is supported by Glass Enterprise Edition 2 and runs on Google Cloud’s secure, flexible and stable cloud infrastructure. As the only Glass Provider for the food industry, NSF EyeSucceed uses the most advanced smartglass technology to deliver NSF’s custom food industry software applications and patents, created specifically to optimize back-of-house operations. NSF EyeSucceed is currently in the top five of Google’s top 10 Glass Enterprise Edition deployments and it is now implementing at scale. NSF is part of Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage Program and will be listed on its Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Connect network.

Glass and the related logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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