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The Big Spring Clean: We Answer Your Questions About Cleaning and Sanitizing

As winter fades away and we emerge from a year at home, NSF helps you start fresh with a four-part series on deep cleaning — The Big Spring Clean.

Spring is almost here! After months of wintery weather — and the year-long COVID-19 lockdown, we’re all eager to emerge with a fresh start. Many of us feel the urge to clear away the clutter and cleanse our personal spaces to welcome the new season. Dust, dirt and invisible germy roommates have been collecting while our homes have worked overtime as classrooms, offices, movie theaters, concert halls, gyms and even bakeries for our newfound obsession with binge watching, banana bread and sourdough starters.

“There’s nothing more invigorating than when you look around your house after you’ve done a deep clean, especially in looking forward to when we can invite guests over,” says Lisa Yakas, a consumer product safety expert, and a trained microbiologist, at NSF. “Cleaning can give you a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. You’re creating a healthier home for yourself and your family.”

Now it’s time to treat ourselves, and clean our homes, as if we’re the guests coming to the table, she adds.

From shower doors and dishwashers to some of the nastiest germy things around the house you might not think about like doorknobs, toothbrush holders and the base of your juicer, Lisa shares tips to tackle cleaning like a pro — from the from kitchen to the bathroom. In our four-part series, The Big Screen Clean, you’ll learn the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and discover how this annual ritual can energize you and help you de-stress and get happier and healthier.

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Why Getting Your Spring Clean On Can Be Good for You

Spring cleaning can make you feel better and create a healthier home for your family.

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