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Splash into Summer: Safety Tips for Opening Your Swimming Pool

Eager to dive into summertime fun? Swimsuit season is just around the corner. But is your pool ready?

For those who have seasonal pools, summer is just around the corner! While it’s not quite swimsuit season yet, this is the perfect time to get your pool ready for lots of fun in the sun. However, opening the pool is not as simple as just filling it up and jumping in.

Make sure your pool has a working filtration system. Look for certified disinfection systems for pools and hot tubs.

I asked NSF pool treatment expert Blake Stark what we need to consider before opening our backyard pools for the season, and he shared these handy tips:

Safety first.

It’s important to safely store chemicals, like chlorine, and make sure they are labeled. Also check them for expiration dates. Pool chemicals are hazardous, and if not stored properly, they can cause fires and explosions.

Play keep-away.

It’s essential to keep your chemicals locked up, so kids, animals and pets don’t get into them.

Pick the right products.

Look for NSF-certified products for your pool. These range from filters and skimmers to disinfectants, algaecides and more. You can check your local pool supply store for assistance.

Inspect gadgets.

Inspect your pools and its parts for leaks, sealant issues or equipment malfunctions.

Pump it up.

If you purchased a new pump, heater or filter to replace a damaged one, now’s a good time to install it. You can also replace drainage plugs, valves and pressure gauges.

Clean up.

Make sure your pool sand or cartridge filters are working correctly. Use these tips for keeping the water fresh:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for backwashing, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Make sure to change the filter regularly for maximum efficiency.
  • Always shower before taking a dip. Grime and gunk can come from our shampoo, lotion and makeup washing off in the water.
  • Always cover hot tubs and pools when not in use to prevent bugs, leaves and yucky debris from falling into them.

Testing, testing.

Keep a water-quality testing kit or strips nearby. You can also have your pool water tested. Keep swimmers from getting sick by preventing gunk and bacteria from turning your fresh water into a swamp.

Questions about NSF-certified pool chemicals or equipment? Contact us.

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