BRCGS Food Safety Standard Issue 9 released

BRCGS for Food Safety Issue 9 has been published on 1 August 2022. Demonstrate your commitment to Food Safety with a certification by NSF.

After an extensive process that started in May 2021 which incorporates the most up-to-date trends and industry needs, BRCGS published Issue 9 of its Food Safety Standard on August 1. Assessments against the new version of the standard will be mandatory from February 1st, 2023 onwards. Around 30,000 sites currently certified globally will have a transition period of six months to prepare their food safety systems to be audited against the new version’s requirements.

NSF’s Senior Director for Global Supply Chain, Sarah Krol, commented about the new version: “NSF recognizes the effort and collaboration required to finalize BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 and we congratulate BRCGS and all stakeholders on this important milestone. Never has it been more important for standards to evolve and keep pace with emerging food safety issues and industry trends.”

An organization that achieves a BRCGS Global Food Safety certification is confirming its commitment and competence in providing safe, quality food for its consumers and stakeholders, with an up-to-date standard that tackles key areas in food safety, expectations, regulatory requirements and consumer needs.

Emily Varnon, BRCGS Technical Scheme Lead at NSF, commented on the main changes in Issue 9: “Updates are expected in clauses related to HACCP and food safety plans, food defense and food safety culture, and how sites are managed regarding factory layout, flow of processes, and use of the space by employees to prevent the risk of product contamination and to maintain compliance with relevant legislation, among others. The issue integrates food safety culture in key areas of the standard and emphasizes the importance of employee behavior in designing and implementing food safety systems.”

Some of the Key Changes in Issue 9

  • Food safety plans need to be validated before implementation or prior to any changes that could affect product safety
  • Food safety culture continues to be an important part of the standard
  • Site management
  • Risk base planning
  • Root cause analysis
  • Food defense
  • Animal Primary Conversion/ Animal Feed Production
  • Unannounced audit mandated
  • Blended audit – hybrid

How NSF Can Support Your Journey to BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9

  • Stay tuned for our series of webinars to help you understand the new version to prepare your company for the audit, delivered in multiple languages
  • Roadshows in partnership with BRCGS – Registration for the event in Michigan/USA is opened, see details below.
  • Training courses to the new version: BRCGS Food – Issue 9 Sites Training Virtual and BRCGS for Food Safety Issue 9: Conversion for Sites Virtual
  • Gap Analysis – our experts can look at your current system and identify areas to improve and meet the issue 9 requirements.

Evolution of the Core Competencies of Food Safety

Register today for the NSF and BRCGS event

  • Date: 04 October 2022
  • Location: NSF, 789 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, MI, 48105, USA
  • Time: 10am - 3pm EST

The Food 9 Roadshow introduce the changes to the Standard.

These events are for invited guests only and is your chance to listen to, learn from and engage with our Standard managers following the release of BRCGS Global Standard for Food safety Issue 9 in an intimate setting. If you would like to enquire as to whether you are eligible to attend, please email

This event is aimed at Leaders and Senior Leaders from retailers and BRCGS certificated organizations, giving you the chance to understand the changes at a level appropriate to you. The event also offers the opportunity for you to engage in exclusive networking sessions with Leaders from other BRCGS Certificated organizations and leading retailers.

We are delighted to be working with BRCGS to host this fantastic event. Manufacturers, regulators, and consumers look to NSF to develop public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment.

Check out the agenda and how to register at the BRCGS website here.

NSF's Key Steps to Getting Certified to BRCGS Food Safety Standard Issue 9

Step 1: Learn about the standard. You can download the standard and the interpretation guidelines from BRCGS’ website.

Step 2: Contact the NSF team for an informative session about the standard and your options for certification and training. Our team can guide you on next steps and receiving a quote.

Step 3: Book a training course with NSF to learn about the new requirements and their scope, the audit process, and more (optional).

Step 4: You can book an optional pre-assessment (gap analysis) with NSF.

Step 5: Secure your dates and close the deal! Select NSF as your audit certification body. We are a five-star-rated BRCGS certification body ready to work with you globally.

Ready To Begin the Process?

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