COVID-19 Resources for States and Municipalities

With our scientific understanding of the novel coronavirus rapidly changing, constant improvement is critical. NSF has the expertise to continuously review and evolve protocols based on changing public health risks and the latest scientific research.
A woman reading a tablet while wearing a face shield and mask - COVID-19 Resources for States and Municipalities | NSF

COVID fatigue is driving many to disregard protective measures such as social distancing, wearing masks and limiting group size. This burnout can be dangerous. Another wave of infection, coupled with cooler weather, is leading many states to wonder what is next.

The issue is not just regional – it is national, with almost all U.S. states seeing a rise in cases after experiencing lows earlier in the year. Spreading is taking place in rural communities, not just urban cities on the coasts. Residents are being told to hunker down – because winter is coming. Transmission is likely to be aided by cooler weather. Not only do people spend more time indoors, but dry indoor environments are more hospitable to the spread of viruses.

States and municipalities are eager to return to normal, but a rise in cases around the country right now has everyone on alert.

NSF is Here to Help

NSF fills in-demand and time-sensitive resource gaps for state and local agencies with cost-controlled, qualified and trained auditors and consultants to educate business operators and assess business compliance to COVID-19 workplace safety rules.

About NSF

NSF has over 75 years of public health, hygiene and infection control experience, and a strong heritage in health and environmental science. We understand how to manage the transmission of infectious disease and we can now bring this expertise to new sectors and businesses that need our support.