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Diagnose Key Risks and Opportunities

A critical step toward more sustainable operations and procurement is to identify, understand and diagnose your current state.
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Our diagnosis services include:

  • Benchmarking: Assesses your environmental and social impacts, as well as your current industry position, to determine where your efforts and resources will have the most meaningful impact.
  • Materiality assessment: Determines the relative importance of sustainability issues to your business, community, investors and consumers.
  • Risk scan: NSF's proprietary tool, FIRST (Fully Integrated Risk Scanning Tool), identifies key environmental and social indicators and scans for their risk likelihood and potential impact on your company’s supply chain.
  • Impact assessment: Assesses products, facilities and/or supply chains using methods such as a lifecycle assessment (LCA), greenhouse gas inventories (GHG), footprints, waste audits and others.
  • Opportunity assessment: Helps you understand opportunities in terms of environmental and social impact, cost savings, technical feasibility and other lenses.

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