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Understand how to select and shop for non-GMO foods.

Today’s consumers care about what’s in their food. In a 2018 survey by the Hartman Group, nearly half (46%) of respondents said they avoided products with GMOs and two-thirds said they believe GMO labeling should be mandatory.

This increase in demand for transparency around GMOs requires a trusted and credible process for manufacturers and retailers to demonstrate that specific products contain no GMOs and are not genetically engineered (GE). NSF’s non-GMO verification program (formerly known as True North) provides this assurance by setting requirements for product and ingredient segregation, traceability and testing. Producers (including ranchers and farmers), processors and manufacturers who meet these requirements can use NSF’s non-GMO mark on their products.

When you see NSF’s non-GMO seal on product packaging, you can rest easy knowing that the product was certified by an independent, third-party certification and testing organization.

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