Jennifer Tong headshot

Jennifer Tong

Global Managing Director, Retail, NSF International and President and Co-Founder, NSF EyeSucceed

Global Retail Food Safety

Jennifer Tong is responsible for bringing new technologies and improved processes to NSF International. She supports the over 2,000 public health professionals who conduct food safety and quality audits around the globe.

As a passionate contributor to the food industry Ms. Tong co-founded NSF EyeSucceed, a smartglass technology startup, in 2015 to leverage the emerging power of augmented reality and wearable technology to address key food industry challenges. NSF EyeSucceed is an entirely new training modality that has proven to be more effective, enabling customers to achieve competitive advantages, reduce brand risks and increase employee engagement and retention.

Prior to joining NSF International in 2007, Ms. Tong spent over six years with the National Restaurant Association, where she gained significant insight on the challenges chain restaurants and independent operators face each day.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Food safety
  • Supply chain food safety
  • Quality assurance
  • NSF EyeSucceed, a smartglass technology