Mindy Costello, Senior Analyst, Consumer Marketing | NSF

Mindy Costello

Senior Analyst, Consumer Marketing

North America

Mindy Costello is a public health professional and registered sanitarian with 25 years of industry and regulatory experience. As NSF’s Consumer guru, she fields inquiries from regulators, manufacturers, consultants and the public on food safety, certification, water filters, water quality, wastewater, supplements, vitamins, organic food, organic personal care products and sustainability from around the world.

Ms. Costello also serves as the program manager for NSF’s Scrub Club®, a fun, interactive and educational website that teaches children the proper way to wash their hands. In an earlier role, she was a Standards Development Liaison for NSF’s National Center for Sustainability Standards where she facilitated standards development for the certification of many types of products. These included carpet, resilient flooring, dimensional stone, furniture, greener chemicals, sustainable water chemicals and water treatment products, wastewater treatment, plastic plumbing and recreational water facilities.

Prior to joining NSF, Ms. Costello worked in public health as a sanitarian for a local health department and the community water program for the State of Michigan. She has been a registered sanitarian through the State of Michigan for over 20 years and works as an independent consultant to design onsite wastewater disposal treatment systems for residential and small commercial properties in southeast Michigan.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Handwashing
  • Germ hot spots
  • Cleaning, cooking and food safety
  • Water filters and water quality
  • Wastewater