Varun Venkatachalam

Varun Venkatachalam

Principal Consultant

Pharma and Biotech

North America

Varun Venkatachalam is a multifaceted technical and business professional with proven track record in management consulting, strategy, operations and quality management in the pharma/biotech industries. He is skilled in regulatory compliance, project management, quality management and quality assurance. Prior to joining NSF, he held roles at EY, PwC, Pfizer and Logica.

Varun holds an MSc in biotechnology and business management and a B.Tech in industrial biotechnology. His experience and skillsets help him provide unique perspectives and insights to mitigate current challenges being faced in the life sciences sector.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Quality excellence
  • Digitalization in quality
  • Human error mitigation
  • Investigations
  • Training