Gluten-Free Certification

Provide proof that your products are verified as gluten-free by a trusted third-party certifier.
A woman reads a bread label while shopping in a grocery store - Gluten-Free Certification | NSF
NSF Glute-free Certified mark

For the estimated 1% of people worldwide with celiac disease, avoiding gluten is critical. For the gluten-intolerant and many more consumers, avoiding gluten is a preference. The demand for gluten-free food continues to rise with the market forecasted to reach over $15 billion by 2026.1

Gluten-free and other food allergy consumers carefully research label claims, with 71% of these shoppers spending three to five minutes reading each label.2

NSF’s rigorous certification aligns with the FDA’s Gluten-Free Labeling Final Rule and is backed by the testing expertise and customer service excellence you’d expect from a public health and safety leader for over 75 years.

Three Reasons to Choose NSF’s Gluten-Free Certification

  • Get an independently verified gluten-free certification mark to make it easy for shoppers to trust your brand’s commitment to quality and transparency
  • Amplify your market share and differentiation opportunities to reach gluten-free and allergen-free consumers
  • Save time and money by bundling gluten-free certification with organic, non-GMO, plant-based or NSF food safety services and certifications.


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NSF has created a complete program where my unique certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified, certified gluten-free and Certified for Sport® products are traceable, verified and certified from ‘cradle to shelf.’ This type of third-party auditing helps us provide our customers with full assurance and 100% traceability.
Jeffrey Brams
General Counsel and VP of Science, Garden of Life