Equipment Maintenance and Remote Assistance

Smartglass solutions enable employees to install, set up and maintain equipment, while remote assistance connects workers with real-time support.
Restaurant worker checking equipment with smartglass | NSF

Any food business depends on its equipment, machinery and appliances to be working at full capacity to meet production numbers. When a machine goes down, so does profitability.

NSF EyeSucceed, powered by TeamViewer, helps companies avoid costly equipment downtime by:

  • Delivering on-demand installation and maintenance instruction. Workers can access routine upkeep information as needed, right at the machines.
  • Making technical support available via remote livestreaming. Local facilities can minimize downtime with real-time help—with no travel time.

As with our employee training platform, equipment upkeep information can be shared via smartglasses with frontline managers and workers right when they need it, hands-free and in the wearer’s field of vision. Whether it’s step-by-step instructions for the installation of a new machine being rolled out globally or a daily cleaning checklist for a heavily used appliance, content can be simplified and customized for clarity and consistency.

NSF EyeSucceed, Powered by TeamViewer, Brings Remote Assistance Within Reach

When a machine does fail, there’s no time to wait for an expert technician to arrive onsite. Instead, the technician can connect from their computer or tablet with a frontline manager or worker wearing smartglasses to see what the wearer sees and hear what they hear.

Our software allows the remote technician to communicate instructions to the wearer clearly and specifically with real-time tools like annotation (highlighting and drawing in the wearer’s field of vision) and file sharing (instantly sending the wearer a set of visual instructions or a short video).

Keep Your Equipment Up and Running

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