Food Labeling and Specifications Management Consulting Services

Reduce risk, safeguard your brand, and meet local and global food labeling and product specification requirements.
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Work with a single trusted resource to help ensure you’re complying with laws on food labeling and specifications. Protect your brand, mitigate risk, accelerate your product to market and ensure safer food for consumers with guidance from NSF experts.

We can help you comply with the wide, complex array of laws and regulations, enabling you to focus on essential business operations. We can also help you avoid negative consequences, including fines, delays in time to market and harm to your brand reputation.

Help Ensure Regulatory Compliance With Our Labeling Services

We can assist your business with comprehensive support, including:

  • Formulation and ingredient compliance check
  • Determination of nutrition and creation of appropriate nutrition panels
  • Ensuring that consumer and food service products meet food labeling regulations
  • Full label review to ensure compliance with food regulations (such as legal name, nutrition panels, ingredient list and allergen declaration)
  • Health and nutrient content claims compliance review against compulsory criteria and/or recommended guidelines
  • Preparing restaurant menu and vending machine nutrition information
  • Registration and product notification as required
  • Reviewing final artwork
  • Specific commodity regulatory consulting (such as feed, non-food, baby food and pet food)
  • Regulatory change updates, including new, upcoming or updated legislation
  • Delivery of translations in over 250 languages

See How We Can Support You With Specifications Management

Count on timely, accurate product specification services, including:

  • Design specifications for raw materials and finished products
  • Defining brand quality standards in the specification
  • Advice on testing requirements for raw materials and finished products (such as microbial and chemical limits)
  • Ensuring brand quality standards are met
  • Full regulatory specification reviews and checks using client’s software or NSF’s TraQtion program
  • Ongoing specifications management
  • Product and packaging specifications following regional and client compliance rules
  • Active product data management (such as traceability of ingredients, origins and potential risk of food fraud) to manage food safety risk

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To ensure impartiality, use of NSF management systems consulting services or attending NSF training sessions does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.