Sensory Testing

Better understand the appeal of your food and beverage products with comprehensive consumer testing services.
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Learn how consumers respond to your food and beverage products with the help of NSF experts. You can then use that insight to improve the taste and likeability of your products and recipes and to make your products more attractive. Keeping up with ever-changing consumer wants and needs is more important than ever with increased competition and globalization driving the desire for innovation.

Our experience with products includes beverages, dairy products, sauces, dressing, condiments, frozen food, fried food, baked goods, natural health products and others.

Help Extend the Product Life Cycle With Sensory Testing

By applying taste evaluations and benchmark tests to a new product, you can better predict its success before it reaches store shelves. We can regularly review your product’s attributes, composition, nutritional values and most importantly, taste. This can help you greatly extend the product’s lifecycle and increase your return on investment in R&D.

Put Your Product to the Test With NSF

We can conduct recipe analysis, benchmarking with competitors, packaging evaluation and expiration date testing. Our customized testing services include:

  • Small-scale consumer panels to provide directional data
  • Several survey processes: monadic, sequential monadic, triangle, customized product and home testing
  • Supportive microbial analysis and analytical testing such as color, viscosity, pH and texture analyses

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