Contract Catering Evaluation

Evaluate your foodservice quality and value to improve the experience of your internal clients.
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Our catering contractor management team can help you elevate the level of service of your catering or foodservice operation. We can help you translate the needs and requests of your internal clients (such as employees, students, patients or residents) into objective and measurable criteria. And we can help you integrate those criteria into your existing catering contract.

We start by evaluating the quality of food and service as an objective third party. We can then collaborate with you and your suppliers to develop and implement programs that add value at an affordable cost.

Our services can help you:

  • Identify client needs and trends, and develop criteria so that your caterer meets those needs
  • Put quality assurance schemes in place for continual monitoring and improvement
  • Improve consumer and contract manager satisfaction
  • Reduce the number of complaints about the quality of the food or the restaurant service
  • Adapt the quality of the food offer to your expectations and those of your internal customers
  • Measure and improve the impact of diet on the health of your staff
  • Monitor compliance with your catering specifications
  • Improve your reputation as an employer in the job market
  • Optimize your purchasing process for catering services
  • Establish objective criteria for choosing of the catering partner
  • Create menus that are appealing and nutritious, including for special nutritional needs and restrictions

If you operate a foodservice operation, we can also provide a third-party evaluation of contract caterers you are considering.

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