Restaurant and Franchise Evaluation

Build customer satisfaction and help ensure a consistent customer experience.
Food being plated in the restaurant kitchen - Restaurant and Franchise Evaluation | NSF

Protect your brand, build customer satisfaction, and improve safety, quality and compliance. We can verify compliance to the applicable food hygiene and safety laws in your area, as well as to your own food hygiene and safety guidelines.

Our team of highly trained consultants and technical specialists can work with you to improve and maintain standards, including sharing data on our evaluation of your business for added insight. We can also help you see how you compare to your competitors through our anonymized benchmarking solutions to support your managed or franchised operations in achieving optimal performance.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Our services include:

  • Policy and systems development to help you achieve legal compliance and manage corporate governance
  • Hygiene and safety compliance coaching visits per local, regional and national regulations
  • Training and coaching to encourage improved behavior and culture regarding hygiene and safety
  • Regulatory support with local enforcing authorities to improve the chance of success with future inspections
  • Evaluation of supply chain performance
  • Product traceability exercises to determine supply chain assurance
  • Assistance with menu specifications and legal claims
  • A range of occupational safety services to help you manage employee and customer health and well-being
  • Online dashboards and analytic tools to help you monitor and improve performance

We also have the capability and experience to make remote visits to your businesses through online applications, depending on your needs.

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To ensure impartiality, use of NSF management systems consulting services or attending NSF training sessions does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.