Food Safety Reviews

In today’s competitive food safety environment, food safety reviews play a major role in brand protection and service consistency.
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Routine audits can establish benchmarks, identify areas needing improvement and help ensure regulatory compliance.

We believe a food safety review/third-party audit should provide long-term improvement of an operation’s food safety performance, so we don’t have a “check-box mentality.” Our reviewers’ robust technical competence enables us to go beyond the basics to identify deeper underlying issues and root causes. We then work collaboratively to develop solutions.

Benefits of a Review

Our food safety reviews deliver value-added assistance to meet regulatory requirements and improve food safety systems well beyond regulation to ensure food safety quality and consistency.

We can conduct the review using standard criteria or a customized set of criteria focused on your specific areas of concern. Whichever you choose, your NSF restaurant or foodservice food safety review criteria include:

  • HACCP verification
  • Sanitation, housekeeping and hygiene
  • Regulatory compliance - FDA Food Code
  • Temperature controls
  • Allergen management
  • Menu detail/labeling
  • Hand hygiene
  • Recordkeeping
  • Quality of food supplies
  • Cook time/temperatures
  • Food storage, proper rotation and date marking
  • Food identification/labeling
  • Staff training
  • Food defense
  • Rodent and pest control management
  • Building management - garbage/refuse, ventilation, lighting and plumbing (hot and cold water availability, water pressure, toilet facilities, etc.)

Our services can be customized to include occupational health and safety (OSHA), risk management, brand protection and customer perception (“mystery shop”), as each area indirectly affects food safety performance. Measuring all of these areas gives your company an outside perspective of complete operational performance.

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