GFSI Global Markets Programme

Strengthen your food safety system through a four-step process consistent with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements.
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No matter the size of your company, you can improve food safety with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Global Markets Programme. The comprehensive guidance and implementation tools at the heart of this Programme follow a continuous implementation process.

NSF offers the GFSI Global Markets Programme, which is a voluntary program structured using a four-phase model with the ultimate goal of gaining certification to one of the GFSI-recognized schemes. Visit GFSI's website to learn more about its Global Markets Programme.

NSF holds ANAB accreditation and is one of the leading certification bodies to provide certification to many GFSI benchmarked schemes.

Take Advantage of this Comprehensive Program

The GFSI Global Markets Programme has four phases, utilizing a food safety checklist with both basic and intermediate level requirements, to address the most important aspects of food safety:

  • Phase 1, self-assessment: Your business carries out a self-assessment against the basic and/or intermediate level checklist to determine your entry level to the program.
  • Phase 2, basic level checklist: We perform an unaccredited assessment of your business against the basic level checklist.
  • Phase 3, intermediate level checklist: We perform an unaccredited assessment of your business against the intermediate level checklist.
  • Phase 4, GFSI certification: We perform the accredited certification against one of the GFSI-recognized schemes.

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