Cooling Tower Compliance and Technical Support

Simplify your cooling tower compliance needs and focus on daily operations with the help of our experts.
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It’s not easy to manage multiple vendors or track compliance with cooling tower system regulatory requirements across multiple sites. Working with our team of experts allows you to simplify your compliance work and focus your efforts on other aspects of your business.

Our team can help you evaluate the implementation of your cooling tower water management plan and records to help you meet regulatory requirements or internal policies for your cooling tower systems. We also provide technical support when responding to Legionella validation results.

Our services include:

Comprehensive Compliance Assessments

Our experts evaluate the implementation of your cooling tower water management plan, support your compliance with regulations on cooling tower systems and collect Legionella samples to independently validate your plan.

Our experts review all required documentation requested by health inspectors to help your team better prepare for future inspections.

Registration Submission and Upkeep Services

Our team handles submission and upkeep for cooling tower registration portals. We can also communicate with regulators on your facility’s behalf and monitor any outstanding compliance issues.

Compliance Support

Each of your buildings will have a dedicated account manager who works with building staff and water vendors to manage corrective actions within required timelines. This gives property managers the opportunity to correct a deficiency before it becomes a fine.

Corrective Action Support

If there’s a gap in compliance, we recommend a corrective action to your water management team before a violation is issued. We also follow up with your team regarding any outstanding deficiencies with your overall water safety programme.

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