Electrical Field Evaluations

Submit one-time use products to NSF for field evaluation and labelling.
Electrical technician - Electrical Field Evaluations

NSF provides next-day field evaluation services throughout the United States and Canada.

Electrical field evaluation is ideal for manufacturers who have designed a one-time use or single-client product, rather than a product for mass consumption and production.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is accredited by OSHA as a Nationally Recognised Testing Lab (NRTL) to conduct field evaluations and apply a label that meets inspectors’ criteria.

We regularly evaluate products across many industries, including distributed power equipment, factory production equipment, generators, medical equipment and more.

Whether your company operates in the construction, automotive or food industries, NSF’s team of experts verifies that the equipment in your facility complies with OSHA requirements.

We evaluate all products to common standards in your industry, including NFPA 790 and 791, OSHA 1910.303 and others.

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