Red Tractor Assurance for Your Suppliers

An excellent choice for Red Tractor audits to your suppliers in the UK and Ireland.
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If you are a farmer and would like to know more about our offering for members, visit our Red Tractor Standards page.

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NSF has provided assurance and certification services to farmers for over 30 years, conducting over 30,000 audits per year. We are one of the largest inspection and certification bodies for Red Tractor in the UK, and it is this expertise that allows us to provide support to our members through every stage of the audit process. We understand what it means to be “Red Tractor assured.”

Why Choose NSF?

  • Qualified technical team to support and guide your suppliers. Our telephone and technical team pride themselves on their service and integrity and can help with queries at every stage of the audit.
  • Regular meetings with the relevant Scheme Manager to maintain open communication.
  • Weekly reports on the status and findings of recent audits, allowing you to keep track of results and provide assistance where required.
  • We can manage the process of transferring additional Red Tractor schemes and also deliver bolt-on audits for your organisation.
  • We deliver frequent auditor training and witness inspections to benchmark and calibrate our team to meet exceptionally high standards.
  • Red Tractor’s vision aligns with NSF’s mission to protect and improve human health.