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Independent verification of COVID-19 preventive measures, providing reassurance that the highest level of procedures and protocols is implemented.
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In this environment, self-assessments are not enough. The Checked by NSF™ programme offers businesses independent verification of COVID-19 preventive measures, providing reassurance that the highest level of procedures and protocols is implemented.

The Checked by NSF™ programme supports the continued operation of businesses, ensuring that they operate confidently and safely, in line with government guidelines and focusing on the safety and well-being of customers and employees.

The service covers a wide range of sectors including restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, retail stores, museums, leisure centres, offices and schools.

Our Solution

Organisations and individual locations authorised by NSF to display the Checked by NSF™ signage have met the requirements detailed below, which were developed by public health experts.

Phase 1: Plan

  • Your organisation’s operating plan has been created or vetted by NSF.
  • The operating plan incorporates guidance from recognised public health authorities and with local requirements.
  • A staff leader has been designated and trained in COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • COVID-19 control plans are in place to address high-touch surfaces, personal protective equipment usage, physical distancing, facility systems, employee screening and other risk areas.
  • Any facility found to be out of compliance with Checked by NSF™ requirements will be given 30 days to correct all deficiencies or will be removed from the programme.

Phase 2: Implement

  • NSF has documented that all aspects of your operating plan have been implemented.
  • Front line staff has been trained on daily operational checklists and company-specific COVID-19 safety protocols.

Phase 3: Improve

  • Your organisation continues to monitor, manage and improve your systems and practices.
  • programme compliance checks are performed by NSF at least every 90 days.

Checked by NSF™ is supported by a custom app that enables collaboration among sites, managers and quality teams, benchmarking of operations and risk-based analytics of leading indicators to proactively mitigate hazards.

Industries Served

Nearly every industry has been affected by COVID-19, and each has special considerations that need to be in place for operating safely. With effects felt across every region and sector, employees and customers need reassurance that the best practices in risk mitigation and protection are implemented.

Checked by NSF Industries

Featured industry sectors include:

  • Commercial/office
  • Educational/cultural
  • Hospitality/hotel
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Restaurants/foodservice

Science and Safety – Ensuring Continuous Improvement

NSF brings 75 years of public health, hygiene and infection control experience to the Checked by NSF programme. With scientific understanding of the virus and the disease it causes is changing quickly, continuous improvement and flexibility is a critical part of COVID-19 controls and prevention protocols. NSF has the expertise to continuously review and evolve protocols based on changing public health risks and the latest scientific research.

The three-phased Checked by NSF™ programme assists companies not only to plan and operate safely, but also to consistently monitor, manage and improve systems and practices to retain their Checked by NSF™ registration.

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