November 2020

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NSF Working With States and Municipalities to Address Surging COVID-19 Cases

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NSF can work with states to implement customized COVID-19 assessment and guidance programs.

Since the onset of COVID-19, organizations around the world have been faced with challenges in workplace safety. Scientific understanding is constantly evolving, and each week brings better understanding of:

  • How to prevent transmission
  • New health data around real-time community spread
  • Successful efforts to contain the virus

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve established a new service for state governments: COVID-19 compliance assessment with educational outreach and consulting services. We visit and assess local businesses for compliance with COVID-19 guidelines and provide detailed guidance and recommendations to businesses that may fall short of the requirements.

We often work with state governments, public health departments and federal agencies to augment and expand their staffs while providing services and technical expertise aimed at protecting human health.

We know that governors and their COVID-19 response teams need data and information on business compliance. We are already working with a large U.S. state to implement a customized COVID-19 assessment and guidance program.

Why Is This Program Important?

  • Customer confidence to safely return to buying in-person with retailers and restaurants, visiting museums and cultural centers, and taking part in other economic activity
  • Employee confidence to safely return to their workplace
  • Business education and compliance to COVID-19 workplace safety rules

NSF helps states and municipalities with:

  • On-site visits to medium-risk businesses, such as restaurants, bars, fitness centers/gyms, etc.
  • Virtual or remote visits
  • Guidance and education for businesses/operators
    • Infectious disease preparedness and response plans
    • Employee training
    • Workplace safety
    • Policies and procedures 
  • Independent verification and compliance services of existing state and local programs
    • Application (review/approval)
    • Document compliance (review/approval)
    • Health and safety compliance to guidelines (review/approval) 
  • Compliance reporting for businesses to state and local rules/guidelines
  • Checklist development to assess business compliance to state rules
  • Gap assessments and corrective actions
  • Regulatory and ongoing compliance services