Registered Cleaners: Disinfectants, Sanitizers and Cleaners for the Food Industry

The NSF White Book™ provides the definitive list of cleaners, disinfectants and sanitisers for the food industry.
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Effective food safety practices depend on food processing facilities and commercial food operators having the right cleaning processes in place. This means using the right products.

The NSF White Book™ makes it easy to find cleaning products independently validated as suitable for use in food facilities.

Categories of product include:

  • A general cleaners
  • D antimicrobials, including disinfectants
  • E hand care products
  • K specialty cleaners
  • L solvents and sewer/drain cleaners

Manufacturers can assure the food industry that your cleaning, disinfecting and hand sanitiser products are suitable for use in food production facilities or restaurant operations when you register them with NSF.

Our registration programme is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing programme, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements, including FDA 21 CFR, for appropriate use and ingredient and labelling review.

The registration process comprises:

  • Formulation review
  • Label review
  • Traceability review
  • Product testing (if applicable)

Once registered, products can display the NSF registration mark. This recognised mark of assurance is trusted globally by the food industry and food safety regulators and auditors. Registered products are verified each year to maintain integrity.

Find registered products in the NSF White BookTM, our online directory of registered nonfood compounds and proprietary substances.

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