June 2023

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Are You a Small Supplier in the Automotive Sector?

IAOB is offering sponsorship* of initial certification to the Automotive Quality Management System Standard IATF 16949.
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Certification to the IATF 16949 - Automotive Quality Management System standard can help organizations access the global automotive supply chain of IATF Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). It demonstrates that your automotive Quality Management System (QMS) meets the requirements of the standard and can also help organizations maintain higher levels of customers satisfaction compared to certification to ISO 9001 alone1.

IAOB (International Automotive Oversight Bureau) has recently announced a sponsorship program to sponsor a limited number of small suppliers* to become certified to IATF 16949. Under the program, and for a limited time, IAOB will pay for the audit days of the stage 1 readiness review and the stage 2 initial audit for small suppliers who meet the eligibility criteria below.

Suppliers will still be responsible for implementing and maintaining their own IATF 16949 quality management systems and other costs of the initial audits, including auditor travel expenses and Certification Body (CB) certification administrative fees. Suppliers are also responsible for ongoing auditing cost after initial certification.

Small Supplier Certification Sponsorship Criteria

  • 75 employees or fewer at the supplier involved in executing the automotive QMS
  • Gross revenue for the site < $30million
  • IAOB sponsored CB conducting stage 1 and stage 2 initial audit
  • Member of AIAG (includes free membership for small companies)
  • AIAG Core Tools Assessment completed by key personnel
  • Recommend use and implementation of Core Tools Software
  • Signed contract with IAOB IATF CB and stage 1 date confirmed
  • Not currently certified to IATF and not certified to IATF in the last 3 years
  • Supplier located in North America

NSF-ISR was awarded the IAOB Certification Body supplier of the Year in 2022. We invite you to review the eligibility criteria and submit your application below.

*Eligibility criteria applies

1 IATF, Value Add of Successful IATF 16949 Implementation (October 2022)