February 2021

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NSF Provided Complimentary Pharma Training to UK NHS Staff

NSF helped UK National Health Service (NHS) employees fighting COVID-19 to increase their technical expertise and maintain their continuing professional development with complimentary pharma training courses throughout 2020.
Green, pink, blue and yellow pills on a white background - NSF Provided Complimentary Pharma Training to UK NHS Staff | NSF

In 2020, NSF provided UK NHS workers with more than 560 complimentary online training courses on topics such as cleaning validation, data integrity and quality risk management to help keep their technical knowledge up to date and continue their professional development.

“NHS employees are at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic and vital for the success of our health care system in the UK. This offering demonstrates our appreciation for all the arduous work they do daily,” said Mike Halliday, Executive Vice President, Pharmaceutical Services at NSF. “We hope that by providing this training, we helped NHS workers expand their skill set, supporting their career progression and most importantly benefiting the end-patients.”

When travel and hotel restrictions came into force, NSF transformed its in-person training into virtual courses, utilizing platforms that enhance interactivity and promote discussion. As a result, participants can take part in virtual instructor-led classroom sessions from any remote location without the need to travel. In addition to these virtual courses, NHS staff enrolled in many self-paced eLearning courses for free, allowing them to learn on the go, at a time and pace to suit their needs.