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NSF Certification of Aftermarket Headlamps Includes Five-Year Coatings

Did you know that part of NSF certification for automotive headlamps includes testing for lens durability and resistance to weather? NSF certified headlamps are guaranteed to last five years, which is longer than the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards minimum of three years. These stringent certification requirements provide manufacturers with a way to differentiate their products and consumers with quality options when purchasing aftermarket headlamps.

“The average life of a vehicle is over 11 years and headlamp replacements can cost more than $1,000. NSF certified headlamps ensure that superior products are available and can be identified by the NSF five-year coating mark,” said Bob Frayer, NSF’s Global Managing Director of Automotive Certification Programs. “All NSF certified aftermarket automotive parts meet the most rigorous requirements for form, fit and function, and NSF certified headlamps also meet five-year coating requirements, helping ensure a longer product life.”

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