February 2019

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NSF International and Istituto Italiano dei Plastici Collaborate to Support Italian Plastic Industry

IIP, a leading Italian certification body and testing center for the plastic industry, joins NSF International’s OQC quality scheme to support Italian manufacturers demonstrating high quality products made in Italy

NSF International is collaborating with Istituto Italiano dei Plastici (IIP) to strengthen IIP’s already rigorous certification scheme and related IIP mark.

NSF International’s Origine Qualità Controllata (OQC) registration program and associated certification mark verifies the quality and origin of products made in Italy.

NSF International, as a third-party independent organization, verifies that a product complies with OQC guidelines by reviewing quality material safety and performance documentation supported by an annual production facility audit. Manufacturers based in Italy are able to confirm production location and demonstrate the quality of their products.

The OQC registration program covers materials and products that come into contact with drinking water such as equipment used in transmission, distribution and treatment. This includes pipes and fittings, valves, mechanical plumbing devices, filtration devices, ceramics and more.

For the specific Italian plastic pipe fittings and valves sector, NSF International and IIP are joining forces to provide a robust and premium quality label. OQC mark by NSF International and the IIP UNI mark by IIP will appear together to prove and demonstrate high quality products manufactured in Italy.

This will allow Italian manufacturers to promote the high quality and Italian origin of their products, backed by two important certification bodies. The association of the two marks is also aimed at supporting local manufacturers in their export strategy as NSF worldwide recognition is a benefit when approaching new markets.

“NSF International is delighted that Istituto Italiano dei Plastici (IIP), an institute with a certification scheme recognized in Italy, Europe and on an international scale, has chosen the OQC program as a highly distinctive element for the top-quality Italian products in the manufacturing sector,” said Tarik Bellahcene, Managing Director for EMEA at NSF International.

“Istituto Italiano dei Plastici has always promoted the IIP brand as a synonym for high quality and formal rigor in the certification of products and qualification of processes. After the creation of the Plastics National Competence Center in collaboration with Cesap, IIP identified NSF International as the most qualified organization in the field of product certification and related processes. NSF and IIP share a natural affinity in the interpretation of the requirements of quality and reliability, and this collaboration intends to develop a path that distinguishes the products produced nationwide, giving the industries a distinctive and uniquely qualifying element in the international market,” said Mauro La Ciacera, Managing Director of IIP.

Learn more about IIP product certification activities at www.iip.it/en/product-certification-iip-uni-piip/ or contact Mario Romersi at mario.romersi@iip.it (+39 039 204 5716) and Giulio Crippa at giulio.crippa@iip.it (+39 039 204 5712).

Learn more about Istituto Italiano dei Plastici (IIP) at www.iip.it or contact Giulio Crippa at giulio.crippa@iip.it (+39 039 204 5712) or Matteo Locati at matteo.locati@iip.it (+39 039 204 5711).