Oliver Christ headshot

Oliver Christ, Dipl.-Ing.

Global Managing Director, Medical Devices and IVD Consulting

Medical Devices


Oliver Christ has been active in international standardization efforts for more than 25 years and co-founded PROSYSTEM with the late Dr. Jürgen Stettin in 1999. The company was acquired by NSF in 2017. In Germany, Mr. Christ has served as chair or co-chair of national committees including Human Factors/Usability for Medical Devices, Risk-Management for Medical Electrical Equipment, and Software for Medical Devices and Networked Medical Systems. Mr. Christ represents Germany on international standard committees for programmable electrical medical systems, human factors, risk management, software life cycle processes, and risk management for IT-networks incorporating medical devices (published as IEC 80001-1:2010). In 2013 Mr. Christ became an international delegate for Germany for the AAMI/UL initiative UL 2800 on Interoperability for Medical Devices. He received the DKE Needle award in 2014.