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NSF Keeps Your Family Healthy

What Makes NSF Different?

NSF protects the health of your family through technology and science. NSF was established in 1944 and is a global independent organisation that inspects and certifies various products and systems, including water purifiers, for health and safety. It also promotes the development of public health standards for the protection of food, water and consumer products.

NSF works in 180 countries and has 56 offices and laboratories worldwide, including an office in Seoul. About 3,000 individuals work at NSF, including microbiologists, chemists, engineers and public health professionals.

The NSF Mark

The NSF mark is a symbol of trust and safety and can be found on a variety of household products, such as water purifiers, shower filters, vitamins and kitchen appliances. Only products that have been tested and certified to appropriate public health standards may use the NSF mark on packaging, labels and websites.

NSF-certified water purifiers are rigorously tested for quality and safety. We check that there is no leakage during the inspection and verify the ability of the purifier to remove contaminants and improve the taste and odour of the water.

For example, this certification mark indicates that the water purifier is certified to the public health standards NSF/ANSI 42 and NSF/ANSI 53 for lead removal performance and taste and odour treatment performance.

If your water purifier has the NSF mark, you can be sure that the product has been tested for quality and safety and that its performance has been verified. Use the NSF mark as a standard of trust when purchasing a water purifier for your family and loved ones.

Tips for Choosing a Water Purifier for Your Home

Here are five tips for choosing the best product for your home among the various water purifiers on the market.

  1. Understanding the hygiene and safety of the water from microbial pathogens is of paramount importance in Malaysia.
  2. Compare options to decide which type of water purifier is best for your home.
  3. Check to see that the product has the NSF mark indicating that it has been certified.
  4. Beware of counterfeit products.
  5. Replace the filter cartridge according to the manufacturer's instructions.

To learn more about NSF certification for your home water purifier, check out the “Additional Resources and Information” section below.

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